Thursday, January 18, 2007

Interregnum, or Pony Up Some Dough

Greetings viewers, U bain? As some of the keener intellects out there may have noticed, (specifically, Emily, Swith, and our mystery Settle correspondent) a six month hiatus between posts does not bode particularly well. I wish I could report it was because we were in the studio working on new material, with more keyboards and tablas than our last offering but that would not be true. Fact is, we have been distracted by such hobbies as getting pregnant and doing masterses. Seems unfair that the blog should suffer, but there you are. Either way, Time magazine (not that we read it, but um, we found one) reckons 13 million blogs were started last year, so I trust you've not been short of material. Besides, now that the kids have got hold of the internet, the whole thing's become too hip for us to keep up with. So, like the grizzled old dogs of rock we are, we're bowing out gracefully, doing a farewell tour of arenas across the world, and then we'll step off this madcap whirl which is blogs & blogging. We throw our drumsticks into your outstretched hands.

But! Before we go, I want some money.

Not for me.

However, we are running a book buying/distrbution project in 2007, whereby folks in the deep steppe with nothing to read except the ingedients list on a sack of flour weill be provided with as many kilos of books as we can score. Literacy in Mongolia is about 97 percent, but there's nothing to read. So the plan is simple. We buy books. We give them away. We do it again.

Cost to you?

A measly buck. Less than a quid. Less than a(n?) euro. Less than a New York subway token. Books are cheap in Mongolia.

So go find a dollar and then click here

You'll find us between the sanitary pad and the flipflops. Feel free to stock up on those items as well.

In the meantime, ural (a kind of blessing/good luck thing, viewers) to you all, and see you somewhere anon!



Jake said...

Whoa, man... blog retired! Bummer. How're we gonna know 'bout the Armstrong's antics in 07??

Oh well... better find out which damn email address I need to use to contact you. One of about 12 I have for you!!!!

Badaaye Bwana Blogger... /sniff/


mirai said...

Your leaving the blogging world has truly been the biggest boner killer i've had all year. Thanks, man.

(& jannie- seriously, thank you for burying my pet rabbit in my back yard in nairobi. this was years ago, when i was emily's sister (i still am, actually!). i don't know if emily told you, but after you buried the rabbit, the dogs dug it up and we had to run around in the rain the rest of the afternoon trying to pry the bunny from the dachshund. at least that's what i remember happening. good times.)-Fran

mirai said...

Sorry for using the terminology "boner killer" in your beautiful blog but it appears that this combination of words was necessary to bring you back to the blogging world. It is very good news that you will continue writing, albeit infrequently -(Maybe time is slower in Mongolia? I have no idea.)it is still a good thing. Asanti sana!

Anonymous said...

nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter.