Thursday, February 16, 2006

Media Frenzy of One

Since an important part of any blog is shameless self promotion propelled by the belief that one's minutest doings are a point of fascination to the world at large, I am pleased to announce that the photo above has been selected as the cover shot of the latest issue of Great Nation. Great Nation is THE magazine for expatriate Mongolians living in Korea, and its pages alternate between Mongolian and Korean language articles on a whole welter of issues. It's website can be found here (useful to have the Korean and Cyrillic font sets) but is pretty out of date; for all I know it may be advocating cruelty to animals and more exploration of Venus, but hey, in this age of lowered journalistic integrity, who am I to care what my photos are being used for?

Between the Swedish travel supplement and the Mongolian press, I feel confident in declaring myself a major global media player. I shall be listing myself on the NYSE later this afternoon, but without compromising my artistic vision. Buy early and often.

Yours megalomanically,



Anonymous said...

My hospital's web filter wouldn't let me open the website for Great Nation -- perhaps they think I will be using Great Nation for its "personals and dating" (strictly prohibited in the use of hospital internet access). or perhaps this has something to do with the global scandal on Google and censorship.
In any case, congratulations on getting the photo published, even if I can't inspect the publication itself...

Anonymous said...

PS. My sources tell me that "Better Homes and Gardens" wants your picture of the dead marmot for an article on home taxidermy.